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CO2 reduction in portfolios

Asset managers issue climate pledges In recent years, many asset managers have committed to reducing...

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Emissions trading to be expanded in 2024: International shipping to be included on a mandatory basis

Integration into the EU ETS This year, international shipping will be inte-grated into the EU...

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CO2 reduction in portfolios from a regulatory perspective

It is not always so easy with regulation. What was well-intentioned on the part of politicians can...

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COP28 – Interim conclusion on the last meter

The COP28 conference in Dubai is slowly coming to an end and it is time to draw a first conclusion....

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Investors buy emission rights – FAZ report on CAP2

To achieve a real impact for the future, you need an approach that meets the following requirements:...

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If coal is to be phased out, then please do it properly!

Parts of the federal government with ambitious goals The Green parliamentary group in the Bundestag...

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Deadlines cannot help with the introduction of the heat pump – emissions trading does

The required heat pumps are just as unavailable as the necessary tradesmen With great difficulty,...

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IPCC revises 1.5 degree mitigation path – A first look at the figures in the IPCC Synthesis Report

CO2 reduction pathways slightly modified and marginally less ambitious The Intergovernmental Panel...

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Offsetting transactions with voluntary CO 2 certificates become a reputation problem for companies

The basic idea of offsetting transactions Whoever buys a service or a product today often has the...

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Ministerial bashing over e-fuels – we don’t go along.

E-fuel and battery drive compared Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing had announced his...

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Does the temporary holding of European emission rights have a climate effect?

EU emissions trading: a brief introduction In Europe, about 11,000 installations are only allowed to...

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Electromobility: where does the electricity come from?

New cars are to be emission-free in the EU from 2035. Electric vehicles are considered emission-free...

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Live-Interview with Hanjo Allinger

Thanks to Marlies Mohr of the Vorarlberger Nachrichten for this interview on the sidelines of this...

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Private Banking Interview with Jasperneite and Leber (Acatis)

“Only our approach really eliminates CO2 emissions”, say Christian Jasperneite and...

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Man-made greenhouse gases

Man-made greenhouse gases, i.e. those caused by human activities, are primarily carbon dioxide...

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Extensive press coverage after launch with ACATIS

After ACATIS Investment KVG mbH started last week to neutralize the CO2 emissions of the first...

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Weather model calculations point to relief for gas and electricity

Initial model calculations by the ECMWF give reason to hope for a mild and windy winter in Europe....

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Offset deals for flights do too little for climate protection

Despite Fridays for Future and various flight shame campaigns, the demand for flights this summer is...

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ACATIS makes portfolios climate neutral with CAP2

Now it is not only official, but thanks to also public: We are pleased to actively...

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Climate-neutral portfolios through set-aside emission rights

From Absolute.Impact 02/22: It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the numerous...

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Neither gas nor nuclear power are sustainable!

The classification of nuclear power and gas as a sustainable form of energy by the EU does hurt a...

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ETS prevents more electricity from coal from increasing emissions

Exciting round on Markus Lanz yesterday: Luisa Neubauer, Karen Pittel, Yasmine M’Barek and Ralf...

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ACATIS Value Conference 2022-our presentation is online

On 20.5.2022 we were invited by Dr. Hendrik Leber to give a presentation on the emission adjustment...

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Poland’s problems with emissions trading are homemade

Poland’s problems with emissions trading are homemade There is no better proof of the impact...

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The number of emission rights must fall

Citywire, 11/29/2021 Hanjo Allinger, professor of economics at TH Deggendorf and managing director...

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How CO2 emissions trading can really protect the climate

Interview with private banking, published on 21.11.2021 Experts agree that carbon dioxide must be...

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The government should buy up and decommission emission rights

The right to emit CO2 can be traded. This is not a scandal; in fact, emissions trading is a powerful...

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Climate risks in the portfolio – how do you deal with them?

Climate change has been a dominant topic not only since the German elections. However, while many...

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Cap instead of compensate

Jörg Birkelbach conducted an interview with me for und  ...

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