Capping emissions. In Europe. For global climate protection.

Many responsible entrepreneurs do everything they can to reduce emissions that are harmful to the climate. At some point, almost all of them reach a limit: Either a further reduction of emissions is not possible from a purely technical point of view, or it would no longer be economical.

Some providers of climate offsets are trying to build up a counter position to the emissions caused, for example through reforestation programs. As much as we welcome these programs from an ecological perspective, the land area we would need for reforestation to mitigate climate change is not available fast enough. We expect too much from the forests if we hope them to solve our emissions problems.

If you want to make a difference, you have to go other ways

We offer companies a real alternative. On your behalf we decommission emission allowances forever with the help of the European emissions trading system. 
The idea is simple: without emission rights, no emissions.

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Just like the EU - only more

The reduction of emissions in Europe takes place through the withdrawal of emission rights. Energy-intensive companies are required by law to buy one emission right for every ton of CO₂ emitted. Every year, however, fewer rights are issued by the EU.

With us, you are doing the same thing as the EU Commission: you are cutting back on pollution rights and forcing companies to avoid emissions.

Maximum security through European legal framework

Emissions trading is regulated by law and monitored by the stock exchange supervisory authority. We determine the CO₂ footprint of your products or of your entire firm and ensure that EU emission rights are set aside to the correct extent.

By transferring the rights to a German climate protection foundation, we can ensure - secured by German foundation law - that the emission rights will never come back into circulation and can never again be used to release CO₂.

1. Investigation

Emissions are determined


2. Purchase

EU emission rights are purchased


3. Decommissioning

EU emission rights to be decommissioned

4. Climate seal

Cap₂ climate seal is awarded

Your path to a CO₂-neutral portfolio

  • Here's how we help you reduce your CO₂ footprint

    We help you calculate the CO₂ footprint of your entire company, a part of your company or a product line and then make it climate-neutral. Our employees have years of scientific expertise in calculating and reducing emissions. So we can give you important advice on how to reduce your climate backpack yourself and at what point capping emissions with us is more economical. You already know how many emissions you are responsible for and how much you want to cap? Great, then you can start right away.

  • Climate-neutral products with CAP₂

    Within your means, you have already made every effort to become more climate-friendly. But you and your customers want more climate protection. But what if further CO2 avoidance in your company is not technically or economically possible? We cap the remaining emissions for you. From now on, you can concentrate on your core business again.

  • May it be a little more?

    Just tell us how many of your emissions you want to cap with us: So many that your products become compatible with the 1.5 degree target? To do this, you need to reduce climate-relevant emissions every year - we'll calculate how much. Or maybe you want a completely climate-neutral product? You decide.

  • Certificate and climate seal

    Climate-neutral or 1.5° target-compatible: We confirm the reduction of emissions with a certificate and our seal. In addition, we give you access to a protected area on our homepage where we document your contribution to climate protection. If you wish, we can remove the password protection and you can share the URL with your customers.


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Carbon offsetting projects have never really convinced me. Who can guarantee that the tree I plant will still be standing in 100 years? With CAP₂, I'm making a real contribution to climate protection. Safe, irreversible and transparent.

Rainer Arnold

Managing Director CSneovias GmbH


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