Cap the CO₂ footprint of financial capital now

Until now, investors who value portfolios with a low CO₂ footprint have often tried to change their portfolio structure. Shares in companies that have low CO₂
emissions have been more heavily weighted.

The result is that a shareholder is responsible for fewer emissions, but nothing improves for the climate. This does not reduce emissions – it only shifts ownership rights.

If you want to make a difference, you have to take another path

We offer institutional customers and high net worth private investors a real alternative. Under the European emissions certificate trading scheme, we render emissions allowances inoperative forever.  No emission rights, no emissions.

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Just like the EU - only more

Reducing emissions in Europe is done by withdrawing emission rights. Energy-intensive companies are required by law to buy one emission right for every ton of CO₂ emitted. Every year, however, fewer rights are issued by the EU.

With us, you do the same as the EU Commission: you make pollution rights scarcer and force companies to avoid emissions.

Maximum security through European legal framework

Emissions trading is regulated by law and overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission. We determine the CO₂ footprint of a portfolio and ensure that EU emission rights are decommissioned to this extent.
By transferring the rights to a German climate protection foundation, we can ensure - secured by German foundation law - that the emission rights never come back into circulation and can never be used to release CO₂ again.

Your path to a CO₂-neutral portfolio

  • Here's how we help you reduce your CO₂ footprint

    As a fund company, pension fund, insurance company, family office or private customer, you provide us with your portfolio structure. We determine the associated CO₂ footprint. As a shareholder, you are responsible for the emissions of the companies you hold to the exact extent of your stake in the companies' total capital

  • 100% climate-neutral or paris-aligned?

    You decide how much of the emissions you are "morally" responsible for should be reduced: as much as would meet the 2 degree target? Or more if you’d like: should we cap emissions enough to make your fund compatible with the 1.5 degree target? Or perhaps you want a fully carbon neutral portfolio? You decide.

  • Customized to each portfolio

    CAP₂ offers fully scalable solutions. What happens if your portfolio has significant inflows? Or the CO₂ footprint is reduced by adjusting companies or portfolio structure? Changes in the CO₂ footprint must go hand in hand with changes in the CO₂ reduction tool. We offer this scalable "CO₂ overlay" because EU emission rights as securities are as liquid as the portfolios you are responsible for.

“With CAP₂, emissions are reduced in a logically compelling way: in a voluntary, market-compliant manner and with almost no control costs.”

Prof. Dr. Hanjo Allinger

Managing Director CAP₂

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