We are CAP₂

Why we believe in our idea

Climate change is an incredibly important issue, but not an easy one. That is precisely why symbolic politics and goodwill alone will not help to reduce green­house gas emissions signi­fi­cantly and safely. What counts is a systemic approach. Not against market mecha­nisms, but with their help. Not ideolo­gical, but ratio­nally thought out. Not inter­ven­tionist, but reliably plannable and sparing of economic resources.

We stand behind CAP₂

Prof. Dr. Hanjo Allinger
Management and Customer Relations
Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Professor of Economics with a focus on finance and inter­na­tional economics for twelve years, Head of an Institute for Empirical Economic and Social Research in Munich for 17 years
Dr. Christian Jasperneite
Customer Relations and Marketing
20 years of profes­sional experience in the investment sector, numerous references in algorithm-driven portfolio optimiz­ation, multiple awards for macroeco­nomic forecasts, chief strategist of a large German private bank for the last 10 years
Christoph Vogels
Opera­tions and processes
Ten years of profes­sional experience as a management consultant in the mobility industry in a leading position and with personnel respon­si­bility, proven expert for marketing, finance and process optimization