Can a stock portfolio be CO₂-free? It can now.

With our expertise in emissions trading, we help insti­tu­tional and high net worth private investors for a real impact.

Your contact when it comes to neutra­lizing the CO₂ footprint of financial capital

Investors who value portfolios with a low carbon footprint have often tried to change their portfolio structure. Shares of companies with low CO₂ emissions were over-weighted. In this way, a share­holder is respon­sible for fewer emissions, but nothing improves for the climate. This does not reduce emissions, but only shifts ownership rights.

If you really want to make a diffe­rence, you have to find another way. We offer insti­tu­tional clients and wealthy private investors a real alter­native – within the framework of European emissions certi­ficate trading.

Prof. Dr. Hanjo Allinger and Dr. Christian Jasperneite

We are the perfect contact when it comes to neutra­lizing one’s carbon footprint.

The reduction of emissions in Europe takes place through the withdrawal of emission rights. The European heavy industry must submit an emission right for every ton of CO2 emitted. The formula is very simple: without emission rights, no emissions.

As an investor, you can become completely climate neutral in just a few days with the help of CAP2 and the skillful use of European emissions certi­ficate trading.

How we help you reduce your CO₂ footprint

As a fund company, pension fund, insurance company, family office or private client, you send us your portfolio structure. We then determine the associated carbon footprint. As a share­holder, you are respon­sible for the emissions of the companies you hold to the exact extent that you have a stake in the companies‘ total capital.

Would you like a little more?

You decide how much of the emissions you are “morally” respon­sible for should be reduced: Would you like to fit the 2 degree target? Or should we cap emissions to such an extent that your fund becomes compa­tible with the 1.5 degree target or do you perhaps want a completely climate-neutral portfolio? You decide.

100% trans­pa­rency and security

By coope­rating with a large German foundation, we can ensure – secured by German foundation law – that the emission rights never come back into circu­lation and yet are used again to release CO₂.

To confirm this, we will send you a certi­ficate and all the supporting documents for the transaction. Every year, all our transac­tions are certified by an auditor. We will be happy to present the certi­fi­cates to you.

What about shares from the USA or Asia?

Emissions trading in the USA and Asia is still in its infancy. The markets are not easily acces­sible for European buyers and are not suffi­ci­ently liquid. For this reason, we also neutralize emissions from North America or Asia via the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. This is irrelevant for climate protection.

CAP₂ as an open platform

Trust, reputation and trans­pa­rency are easier to achieve when a platform is operated independently and openly and estab­lishes itself as a European standard. For this reason, CAP₂ is deliber­ately open and acces­sible to all asset managers and investors.

Get in touch with us

We do not operate a mass business. And we take time for your questions and wishes. Equity funds have different requi­re­ments for climate neutra­liz­ation than a family office. The capping of the CO₂ footprint is even different for green bonds.

We will be happy to send you the relevant contractual documents in advance and discuss the process of the deal with you. We will calculate the footprint and provide you with a cost estimate for achieving your reduction targets. You’ll see – it’s easier and cheaper than you think. Just contact us at

We look forward to seeing you!