With us, every company and every product can become climate neutral. Finally.

Your contact when it comes to neutra­lizing the CO₂ footprint

Are you successful as an entre­preneur, but still down to earth and care about sustaina­bility? You are aware of your social respon­si­bility and want to do your part to protect the climate? You have demanding customers who require top products from you that are not only cost-effective but also climate-neutral?

Whether your company produces or processes, whether it comes from the service sector or the real estate sector. Whether you are a tourism operator or organize major cultural and sporting events: With our expertise in emissions trading, we cap your CO2 emissions.

Prof. Dr. Hanjo Allinger and Dr. Christian Jasperneite

Here’s how we help you reduce your carbon footprint

We help you calculate the carbon footprint of your entire company, a part of your company or a product line and then make it climate neutral. To calculate the emissions, we work hand in hand with an experi­enced partner who contri­butes his years of expertise and reputation. In this way, we can provide you with important infor­mation on how you can reduce your climate backpack yourself and to what extent you would be better off looking for a partner to help you avoid emissions.

You already know how many emissions you are respon­sible for and how much you want to cap? Great, then you can start right away.

Climate-neutral products with CAP2

Within your means, you have already made every effort to become more climate-friendly, but you and your customers want more climate protection. However, what if becoming more climate friendly is techni­cally or econo­mi­cally impos­sible? We cap the remaining emissions for you. From now on, you can concen­trate on your core business again.

How much would you like to cap?

Just tell us how many of your emissions you want to reduce with us: Would you like us to reduce enough to meet the 2‑degree target? Or should we cap emissions enough to make your products compa­tible with the 1.5‑degree target? Or perhaps, you want a completely climate-neutral product? You decide.

100% trans­pa­rency and security

By coope­rating with a large German foundation, we can ensure – secured by German foundation law – that the emission rights never come back into circu­lation to be used to release CO₂.

For confir­mation you will receive a proof of transaction certi­ficate and all the documents of the transaction. Every year all our transac­tions are certified by an auditor. We will be happy to provide you with the certificates.

If you want, you can become completely climate neutral in just a few days with CAP₂ and the clever use of European emissions certi­ficate trading.

Contact us

We do not operate a mass business. And we take time for your questions and wishes. Property developers have different requi­re­ments for climate neutra­liz­ation than a producer of food or the retail trade.

We will be happy to provide you with the relevant contractual documents in advance and discuss the process of the deal with you. We will calculate the footprint and provide you with a cost estimate for achieving your reduction goals. You will see – it is easier and cheaper than you think. Just contact us at

We are looking forward to meeting you!